Recofit Technology

Compression TechnologyRecoFit Compression Gear is made of highly technical fabrics to enhance your performance and recovery. This distinguishes RecoFit’s products from other compression brands, differences that are unique and produce results.

Featuring Resistex, developed in the research labs of Tecnofilati, an Italian textile company, RecoFit’s products have a heart made of carbon! Under the direction of Dr. Davide Susta, the scientific director of the Como-based center for training development, professional athletes tested Resistex Carbon clothing versus 100% polyester clothing while training in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity. The tests showed:

  • The respiratory parameters of the athletes wearing Resistex Carbon proved to be better as their oxygen need decreased by three liters per minute.
  • The heart rate is 4 beats per minute slower than if compared to that of the athletes wearing 100% polyester. That translates to 1000 heartbeats less in a 4-hour run.
  • The lactic acid concentration in capillary blood decreased by about 12% when wearing Resistex Carbon.

One more interesting fact:

The human body reacts to static electricity and variable electric fields. Called Electro Static Discharge, the reactions can be imperceptible or clear, and often negative. Resistex Carbon does not allow the electric charges to discharge on the body and therefore prevents muscular contraction, cramps and fatigue. This antistatic action improves the electrical efficiency of our body because it stimulates blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to the cells. This also improves moisture dispersion through evaporation, increasing the feeling of well-being and reducing dampness on the skin’s surface.

Simple translation:

RecoFit’s products, made with Resistex Carbon, improve your muscular performance, especially in those sports which require sustained physical effort in a high-temperature aerobic environment.

Data provided by Technofilati, Italy,