Endurox Excel Caplets

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Endurox Excel shifts the energy source from carbohydrate to fat, slowing the buildup of lactic acid & reducing muscle fatigue.


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Product Description

Endurox Excel Caplets

Endurox Excel is a dietary supplement, taken as part of your training and exercise regimen, can help you get leaner faster and improve exercise performance.

  • Increase endurance by 23%
  • Increase fat metabolism by 24%
  • Increase peak VO2 by 12%

1 box = 60 caplets

Results of two peer-reviewed studies demonstrate that Endurox Excel is an effective nutritional supplement for individuals who regularly perform endurance exercise.

Recommended Usage: Take two caplets in the morning once daily.

The Science Behind Endurox Excel

The primary ingredient in Endurox Excel is the adaptogenic herb, ciwujia. Adaptogens have been shown to have remarkable effects in bolstering the immune system in improving endurance. Two peer-reviewed studies provided strong confirmation of the benefits of Endurox Excel in individuals who exercise frequently. In a study presented at the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual meeting, researchers showed that after 28 days of ciwujia treatment there was a significant increase in endurance in long distance runners as well as an increase in fat metabolism.

A second study measured the effect of eight weeks of supplementation with ciwujia in cyclists. The researchers found that ciwujia increased VO2 peak by 12% and improved endurance performance by 23%. The researchers also noted that ciwujia significantly increased fat metabolism. The conclusion, ciwujia enhanced endurance capacity, improves cardiovascular function and stimulate metabolism of fat.


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