Sports Nutrition


Up until the late 1990’s, carbohydrate was considered the only nutrient necessary to fuel athletes during exercise. At this time, researchers at PacificHealth collaborated with researchers from the University of Texas and James Madison University to determine whether the addition of protein to a carbohydrate sports drink would improve exercise performance. The results were startling.

When carbohydrate and protein were combined in a 4:1 ratio, results showed a consistent superiority over carbohydrate-only sports drinks. This research laid the foundation for the development of Accelerade Sports Drink.


Since the early 1970’s, researchers have consistently shown that refueling can significantly improve endurance. Providing muscle energy during exercise preserves muscle glycogen and thereby delays muscle fatigue. Energy gels are an ideal solution. They are compact, easily transportable and easily digestible.


Over a decade ago, six of the world’s top exercise physiologists met in Colorado Springs to review the latest research on muscle recovery. The outcome of this meeting not only led to the patented formula of Endurox R4, but also a rigorous research plan to prove its effectiveness in speeding post-exercise muscle recovery.

Today, Endurox R4 is the gold standard for muscle recovery. When athletes, whether they are competing in the Super Bowl, Tour de France, the Olympics or Ironman competitions, require the ultimate recovery drink, the choice is always Endurox R4.

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Sports Drink Bottle - Specialised clear bottle

Sports Drink Bottle – Specialised clear bottle

Drink bottle with the Accelerade & R4 logo – 24 oz size. Fill up with Accelerade or Endurox R4 in these branded 24 ounce plastic drink bottles. Perfect to take fuel on the go!