Product Usage Guides

Marathon-Training  – It takes a lot of energy to train for a marathon. Like all of the energy your body uses, running energy comes from nutrition. Your body has enough stored energy to get through runs lasting up to one hour without a problem. But when you run longer than one hour, taking in the right kind of energy before and during the run will help you run better. Learn what products will work for you during your marathon training that will help you run better and recover faster.

Cycling-Training – There are three major factors that affect how well you perform in a ride: your bike, your fitness, and the nutrition you take in. The first two factors get all the attention from most cyclists. But the right nutrition will make a big difference in how you perform on the bike.

Triathlon-Training – Nutrition has a big impact on performance in swim, bike, and run workouts. Taking in the right nutrition before and during your triathlon training sessions will enable you to go faster and farther, while taking in the right nutrition afterward will enable you to perform better in the next workout.